Saturday, 28 December 2013

This Week's Interesting Obits

Sir Christopher Curwen (d. 18 Dec 2013)
Head of MI6 - 'M'
Daily Telegraph 23 Dec 2013
Times 27 Dec 2013
Independent 28 Dec 2013

Lt-Gen Mikhail Kalashnikov (d. 23 Dec 2013)
Weapons designer
Daily Telegraph 24 Dec 2013
Independent 24 Dec 2013
Times, 24 Dec 2013


  1. Comrade Kalashnikov did very well for a peasant soldier. I wonder how many lives his invention took over the years, and whether he shall have to answer for them?

    1. Quite.

      “I am sometimes deeply upset to see how my guns are used in international wars,” he once said, “but that is no excuse not to produce them. If we do not produce machine guns, someone else will.”



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