Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Sale and Gift Promo

As some of you know, one of my side-lines is selling second-hand books.  I'm pleased to announce this year's December sale - there will be 10% off on all orders received during December (excluding postage).

So go across to my list of books for sale.  Currently you'll find a 19-page pdf of military and naval books.  All things being equal, I'll be adding the long-promised list of books on Exploration and Archaeology & History to 1000 AD later this week.  These will also be included in the December sale.

The image above is the logo of the Give Books Campaign, which aims to share the love of reading, support local booksellers and promote literacy.  For every #GiveBooks tweet, pin and online pledge to give someone a book 'for the holidays' they will donate a book to a child in need.  This seems a good thing to me.


  1. I will wait for the updates as this may peak my interest in time for christmas

    1. You hoping for some Viking goodness? There might be somethng for you...

    2. Actually, The Wife has just nabbed the best Viking books...

      But the others are now up.


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