Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Eine kleine Hilfe für meine Freunde ...

Our little corner of the blogosphere has been thinking about blog design lately.  James over at the Exiles Wargames Painter has been suggesting ways we can improve the experience we give to our readers.  So far it seems I have been doing things right, as I have both 'click to follow' and Google+ gadgets enabled.  So far, so smug....

While walking Smaller Dog this afternoon, I was contemplating the blog and considering posting about the Flag Counter gadget - yes, I'm still in navel-gazing mode due to the blog birthday.  I'd originally installed it at the end of March as a bit of a laugh and to see what would happen.  I'm gobsmacked to say that since then the blog has been visited by people from 92 countries!  In the last few days I've had new flags from Gibraltar, Mauritius and Armenia.  I don't know why that is, but obviously I'd like to welcome you all and ask you to stick around.

This is where the bit about being smug comes in.  Instead of the self-congratulatory post I was considering, I suddenly realised that I was failing James' 'make everything as easy for the reader as possible' principle.  To assist you then, dear reader, I am adding the 'Translate' widget.

Apologies for being so Anglocentric.  As my old university tutor would have said "Mae'n rhaid i chi ystyried safbwynt pobl eraill, Edwin".


  1. Ninety two countries? I trust you're only counting the EU as one?


  2. That is a nice total for the time span covered. You could be even more blogger friendly and get rid of that awful Captcha device and set your blog comments to registered users only :) I really should pay some attention to the statistics on my blog.

    1. Captcha now removed.

      This might sound daft, but I never realised that it was enabled - it never asks me to do it!

  3. Very interesting. Did not notice the flag tool before. I had seen the spinning globe with the dots on other blogs but never the flag tool. I might consider that one. Thanks for dropping Captcha.


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