Saturday, 13 July 2013

What a Good Idea!

Over at The Blog With No Name Ian is having a blog-giveaway with a difference: he's combining it with the 'Pay it Forward' concept.

What's happening is that he's giving away a book he won in another giveaway on the condition that when the winner finishes with it he/she then does the same.  This way we can watch it wend its way through the blogosphere as it's passed on.  Interesting, eh?

If it were two books and the recipients then did two books, we'd have
a classic splitting tree...

Meanwhile, this blog has a couple of landmark events coming up and I have to think how to mark them.  I've a couple of ideas, but would welcome input.  Suggestions anyone?


  1. I'm sure however you celebrate the landmarks they will be very good.

  2. In this weather, lets all celebrate by kicking back in someone's back garden with a few pints of cider :D


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