Monday, 29 July 2013

An Interesting Kickstarter

An interesting new Kickstarter from Studio Miniature covering the Sikh Wars.

My immediate thoughts are that they are nice looking figures and here we have a deal where we're not being stung by postage, which is nice.

The second thought is "What would I do with these?" - now that's the rub, as it always should be.  It's an interesting period, but I can't see much potential for cross-over. 

There's also the problem that the freebies start at the £70.00 level - I don't want to commit that much.

Regardless, I think I'll dip my toe in by signing up for the Sikh officers (illustrated in the embed), which I like and can see being used as archaic maharaja types.  I'll then keep an eye on the updates (the first one - the British officers - is already out) and what other troop types are listed...


  1. Thanks for highlighting this one, I am off for a butcher's now.

  2. Not really my cup o tea, but they very nice looking figures.

  3. They look nice enough figures, but I think the painting helps a lot. You sure there's not decent potential for more use within the 'colonial' field?

    1. Well I don't know, the frock coat and covered shako are so specific to the 1840s...

      That's why I lean to the Sikhs and I'd like to wait for more pictures and see what other units are released.


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