Monday 29 July 2013

An Interesting Kickstarter

An interesting new Kickstarter from Studio Miniature covering the Sikh Wars.

My immediate thoughts are that they are nice looking figures and here we have a deal where we're not being stung by postage, which is nice.

The second thought is "What would I do with these?" - now that's the rub, as it always should be.  It's an interesting period, but I can't see much potential for cross-over. 

There's also the problem that the freebies start at the £70.00 level - I don't want to commit that much.

Regardless, I think I'll dip my toe in by signing up for the Sikh officers (illustrated in the embed), which I like and can see being used as archaic maharaja types.  I'll then keep an eye on the updates (the first one - the British officers - is already out) and what other troop types are listed...


  1. Thanks for highlighting this one, I am off for a butcher's now.

  2. Not really my cup o tea, but they very nice looking figures.

  3. They look nice enough figures, but I think the painting helps a lot. You sure there's not decent potential for more use within the 'colonial' field?

    1. Well I don't know, the frock coat and covered shako are so specific to the 1840s...

      That's why I lean to the Sikhs and I'd like to wait for more pictures and see what other units are released.


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