Thursday, 18 July 2013

Welcomes and Some Whippetry

It seems that I will have to spend the next few days on welcomes if this keeps up.  I'll try to squeeze something else in though!

So, hello to
  • Paul Smith
  • Ever So Slightly Bonkers Joe - what can I say about Joe.  Apparently he thinks we're kindred spirits!  Possibly because we're both from Manchester and this week's sunshine has addled our brains.  Anyway, Joe resides in Happy Valley and doesn't like deer poo being thrown at him.  I hadn't considered the acronym before, but Crazy Joseph tells us that it's ToaDD.  So does that make you all ToaDDies?
  • PatG 


Paul and Pat, I can't see from your profiles if you have a blog or website.  If you do, let me know and I'll do the pimpage.

And a big thank you to all of you who've have pimped the blog! 

One thing about having more followers is the increased number of comments.  Please keep it up; I'm enjoying the feedback and it's nice to have something of a dialogue.


It seems that my comment on, and photo of, Moley yesterday were a hit.  So in a cheap attempt to curry favour (cheaper than a giveaway, anyway!), here's more.

Puppy Zeppo

A typical pose now he's grown up

Puppy Moley

PS - A Reminder  To enter into the Prize Draw you need to be a public follower and comment on the 200th Post.


  1. nice sleep pose, nothing looks more chilled and relaxed than a dog in deep sleep
    Peace James

    1. Yes ;-) And whippets are very good at it. For some reason they also do a 'dead cockroach' pose while sleeping.

  2. Whippets are cool. Our next dog will be a rescue of a greyhound.

    And this is just cheap using your dogs for hits. They're not objects, they're people with feelings and dreams...

    ; )

  3. We have Ted the Bedlington - think whippet with poodle hair and Carmen the Chihuahua.

    Oh and the blog:

    1. We considered getting a Bedlington, but Zeppo came along instead.

    2. I'll pimp the site in the next welcome post.

  4. Replies
    1. With teeth... Rather like your 'Rose' ;-)

      His problem is that people want to come up to him in the street and pet him, but he can't take it. I've considered a yellow ribbon, but I don't think that people in the country know about them.


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