Friday, 19 July 2013

Books and Stuff

A regular round-up of my book news.

What I've been reading this week...

I carried on with Harry Pearson, Achtung Schweinehund! which I'm enjoying very much.

What I've bought this week...

Hugh Sebag-Montefiore, Enigma: The Battle for the Code - 50p

And everyone loves a freebie...

I received a review copy of Robert Malster (ed), The Minute Books of the Suffolk Humane Society.  Sadly, as discussed, it got a tad chewed.

How can you get your own freebie?  Join the prize draw!


  1. Got the Harry Pearson book (excellent for a nostalgia bath), had the SSM book, but my son-in-law 'borrowed' it (lectures at Manchester Met so part of his course - the WWI bit, not encrption!). Haven't heard of the third book, but shoot the dog anyway . . .


    1. Joe, Joe, Joe... You'll get us in trouble! ;-D


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