Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Stuff

Well, a jiffy bag dance today as a parcel from Statuesque Miniatures arrives.  In it is some pulpy goodness.

First up is the new supplement to Pulp Alley:  Pulp Gadgets, Guns and Vehicles

Nice lay-out
Secondly, because I was ordering from Statuesque, my resolve crumbled and I ordered the new Pulp Alley figures (Pulp Girl and the Phantom Ace) and Lillie Poots from the Statuesque Asylum range.  They really are very nice!

And because it was sitting in my Pictures folder next to pulpalley.jpg, here's putin.jpg...

Now the antidote to spending money is to spend more money, but tell yourself it's on a bargain.  Accordingly, I picked this up in the charity shop this afternoon.


  1. Must resist the pulp urge!

    1. No! Must Resist the urge to resist the pulp urge! ;)

      Nice find in the charity shop Edwin

    2. @Loki - how can you after painting all those lovely gangsters?

      @Tamsin - I couldn't resist taking a screwdriver to it. I've now got a gun (the Pride of the Punjab), a plinth for my next Awdrey-esque project and some brass bollard-things... Can't have too many bollard things ;)

    3. Edwin.. Young Loki will have some more pulpy/gangster goodness along shortly to keep him tempted!

    4. You sir, are the Devil! First you get us all painting cowboys, then you seduce poor innocent Norsemen!

    5. Innocent?!?!?

      *cough* *splutter*

  2. I just love the look of the Pulp stuff, one could be tempted - again! As for the next Awdryesque project, I do like the sound of that.

  3. Drat!! Mine must still be in the post!!!!


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