Saturday, 3 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday

It's Saturday again!  The usual nod goes to Sofie, who originated all this.

I didn't do much hobby stuff this week, but as usual Paint Table Saturday prompted a last-minute rush to the Shed.

I did some more work on my buildings.

The one on the left now looks like a drive-thru

Because of the added counter

When I picked up a paintbrush, I didn't feel up to doing any figures, so I looked at a few misc bits.

This should make some kind of Steampunk contraption

This beauty I found in the charity shop

Earlier in the week I spent an evening in front of the TV making little boxes
Tetris anyone?
Something a little more complicated


  1. Those buildings are coming along nicely Edwin. That column is a great find.

    1. I'll second the comment on the column. Perhaps a bit tall but then dead easy to modify if you want as well. Wish I could find stuff like that!

  2. a lot of different stuffs !
    all are interesting.
    I wonder what you're doing with those strange bits in the last picture ?

    I like the Tetris picture !

  3. @Tamsin & @Michael - Yes, I like the pillar too. I have no intention of modifying it (I'm likely to butcher it if I try). It's monumental, so not out of scale!

    @Sam, all will be reveled if it works out!

  4. Another wonderful trawl around the table, you find the most fabulous things Edwin.

    1. I don't have much disposable income for hobby purposes, so I have to rely on 'found things' ;) (Having said that, I'm just off to a show with money in my pocket!)

      There are a couple of advantages in working in a charity shop - 1) you get to see the good stuff first, and 2) sometimes you get to take the broken toys home!

  5. Get collection of pieces that are starting to make the scenes come to life Edwin the column is a great find


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