Monday, 26 May 2014

A Small Plug and Welcomes

The plug is for the competition Loki is having over at his Great Hall to celebrate his third Blogiversary and reaching 150,000 hits.  It's trickier than the usual competition, but then the prizes are much better as well. You have until the end of May to enter. It's quite fun digging out the answers and requires a bit of blog-fu!

Secondly, I want to welcome as a couple of new followers.
  • MS Foy is the author of Prometheus in Aspic, which I've recommended before.  In it he charts his Napoleonic and English Civil War wargaming, but also ruminates on the modern life.
  • Alastair doesn't have a blog linked on his Blogger profile, but I've a feeling he has one and I should know what it is.
Welcome both!


And of course, Alistair's blog is  A Wargaming Gallimaufry.


  1. Thank you sir - I'd have joined up as a disciple earlier, except i got frightened off by the Google+ thing!

  2. oops...I knew I should have added something! My blog is....

    I came across yours via Legatus' blog and it looks excellent.




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