Sunday, 11 May 2014

This Week's Obits of Interest

Prof Colin Pillinger (d. 7 May 2014)
Planetary Scientist
BBC obit 8 May 2014
Guardian obit 8 May 2014
Independent obit 9 May 2014
Scotsman obit 9 May 2014


  1. He was one of the people I kept in my 'acceptable face of science' pigeon hole.

  2. A top fellow! He did a lot for the UK space programme which, many forget, in the forties and fifties was well ahead of what the Russians and Americans were doing. In 1957, after the launch of Sputnik by the Russians and Explorer by the Americans, it was a British rocket, Black Knight, which set the world altitude record of 564km.

    Britain, sadly, remains the only country to develop but then abandon, a satellite launching capability. We have a top satellite capability though; a lot of it clustered around the University of Surrey in Guildford near where I live.

    Sorry to ramble on but I love rockets and appreciate your tribute to Prof Pillinger.

    1. Yes, I was thinking about Black Knight when a minister announced last week that he wanted a British spaceport within two years. We had one 40 years ago!


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