Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Any Ideas?

Now, I know there are some really talented people with imagination who read this blog.  Have you any suggestions as to what I can make with these?

Sorry the pic's side-on - I don't know why it's done that.
I found a skip full of them while walking the dog this evening.

My first thought was, as always, bookshelves (I must tell you about my Grand Winter Project), but I could also make something useful in the Shed (a rake tidy?).  What else?  Unless I can think of something good, I'm not allowed to go and get more.

In the last resort it's free firewood.


Here's a better picture.  I'd thought leaning them on the chair would give a sense of scale, but that was obviously spoilt by having the pic on its side...


  1. How big are the holes?

    Racking for your paints?

  2. Put some dowels through it with one on top and bottom you would have a gate.

  3. My first thought was the same as Gary's. If the holes are the right size it would work a charm.

  4. I third the paint rack if holes are compatible.

  5. Yes if the holes work that will make a great paint rack/brush holder

  6. Tethering pylons for your aeronef?

  7. Replies
    1. That's a good idea, but since my brush with kidney failure I've been dry.

      Perhaps my rellies will be getting wine racks for Christmas!

  8. Tool rack for the shed. I hate to admit it, but not everything is about gaming.


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