Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Any Ideas?

Now, I know there are some really talented people with imagination who read this blog.  Have you any suggestions as to what I can make with these?

Sorry the pic's side-on - I don't know why it's done that.
I found a skip full of them while walking the dog this evening.

My first thought was, as always, bookshelves (I must tell you about my Grand Winter Project), but I could also make something useful in the Shed (a rake tidy?).  What else?  Unless I can think of something good, I'm not allowed to go and get more.

In the last resort it's free firewood.


Here's a better picture.  I'd thought leaning them on the chair would give a sense of scale, but that was obviously spoilt by having the pic on its side...


  1. How big are the holes?

    Racking for your paints?

    1. Too big, I think. Almost 2 inch diameter.

    2. Buy bigger paint pots then . . .


  2. Put some dowels through it with one on top and bottom you would have a gate.

  3. My first thought was the same as Gary's. If the holes are the right size it would work a charm.

  4. I third the paint rack if holes are compatible.

  5. Yes if the holes work that will make a great paint rack/brush holder

  6. Tethering pylons for your aeronef?

  7. Replies
    1. That's a good idea, but since my brush with kidney failure I've been dry.

      Perhaps my rellies will be getting wine racks for Christmas!

  8. Tool rack for the shed. I hate to admit it, but not everything is about gaming.


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