Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Review on the Wilde Side...

I never read a book I have to review: 
it prejudices me so.

Sorry not to have blogged anything of interest over the last few days, but I've been working towards a deadline.

Back in July I blagged myself a free copy of a book on the grounds that I would review it.  The editor I proposed to do it for was a little vague about the deadline ('around the beginning of September'), so naturally enough I have been too!  Taking a semi-Wildean approach I've now finished it (though I've had some difficulty limiting myself to 500 words - isn't it always the case?).

Unless you're into the history of lifesaving, the review's not going to be of interest: if you are interested in the history of lifesaving, you should be a member of LSARS!  Go to their website now and join!

Anyway, normalish service should resume shortly and if anyone wants to send me free stuff, well...

A little bit of housekeeping

In my last batch of welcomes to new followers I said I couldn't find a blog for Ev.  It turns out that he's a part of the Soviet that produces Canister & Grape.  Welcome again Ev!

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