Monday, 9 September 2013

The Winners Are...

It's a lovely Monday morning for announcing winners to the Prize Draw.
  1. Gary Amos 
  2. brownk
  3. Mike 

Congratulations!  And no, Gary, despite everything it wasn't a fix!  Good karma works out...

So if you could each e-mail me at diplomatist2<at>gmail<dot>com, we can sort out the details.  Gary, let me know what your choice of prize is; brownk, tell me your choice and reserve; and Mike, give me your choice and two reserves.

But Wait! More Chances to Win...

Saka Light Cavalry

There is another draw other on The Blog With No Name, which is celebrating it's second anniversary and 500th post.  Go and enter now!

And I don't know if the overwhelming interest in The Khyber Rifles was real or just feigned in order to wind Ray up, but I do have some more copies.  These are for sale on my website for £4.00 each plus postage (£2.60 in the UK).


  1. All feigned to wind me up, no doubt at all!! well done to the winners! I'm just glad Fran didn't win, then I would have been sick as a pig!

    1. What are you two like when your facing each other other the table?

  2. Congratulations to the winners

  3. I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to me and, of course, brownk and Mike. I'd like to thank my mother and father who sacrificed so much for my education (even tough I missed most of it!), my uncle Arthur for teaching me the true moral values of life, my . . . . Whaddya mean it's only a raffle? It might be just a raffle to you mateyboy, but it's the first thing I've won since 1968!


  4. Conrartulations Gary, brownk and Mike. I think it was just to bug Ray, but I'm sure he'll be pleased to know he has an economical source.

  5. Congrats to the winners.

  6. Thanks for the prize! Congrats to the other lucky winners. It's my first win on a blog give away, what a way to live!


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