Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Do You Like Dwarves?

Of course you do.  Especially when they look like this:

This is a new Kickstarter from Oathsworn Miniatures, which seems to be a company set up by Michael Lovejoy (do follow this link, he's very talented) and his wife Jo.  According to their profile, Michael is
a life-long fantasy fan, with an unhealthy Dwarf obsession, Michael's ultimate goal is to have a range of 1000 different Dwarf miniatures... but he admits he'll need to sculpt other races too, whether he wants to or not...
This is their second kickstarter.  The first, earlier this year, was exclusively dwarves: sadly I missed that one.  This one is a mix of dwarves, halflings and monsters.  Frankly, the halflings leave me a little cold - and looking at the pledges, it seems I'm not the only one who prefers the dwarves.   Nethertheless, Oathsworn seem to have attracted a following, and the Kickstarter was fully funded by the second day!

I'm supporting this one and will watch for future releases with interest.

Now all I need to know is where I can get a knitted beard like the one in the promotional video...

A Welcome

Welcome to new follower Jur.  I can't see a blog for him, but someone will update me if necessary.

Edit - I've just realised that Jur is the man behind the admirable Rear Guard Action.


  1. I would be happy if I could get my hands on the 40mm Loki figure in his gallery, sadly its appears not to be on sale :(

  2. Extra points for the braided beard.

    1. In the figure or the video? Rather nice, both of them.


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