Monday, 16 September 2013

One For Sean!

After my post on ships' mascots, Sean comments that he might need a mascot for his Viking ship.

I introduce you to Graculus

Who was he?  Well, he was a large green bird, messenger and guide to Noggin the Nog.

And Noggin was Son of Knut, King of the Nogs


  1. I had a video set of Noggin the Nog, but it went the way of all things you don't keep your eye on. I don't doubt though that it's remembered better than it actually was. Nostalgia's a great flatterer.

  2. we love Noggin the Nog used to keep our Mellissa quiet for a good hour (she has just looked at her first appartment today, well she is 23)
    Peace James

  3. That bought back some nice memories

  4. I have just seen this and will watch the video later. I've finally got you in the feed reader so I won't miss out again. Graculus looks good.

    1. All we need is to find someone doing cormorant figures.


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