Wednesday, 21 August 2013

There Will Be Winners...

A couple of plugs* for prize draws tonight.

Canister & Grape is celebrating its 50,000 Hits and the Laughing Ferret has marked up 200,000.

David at the Ferret is giving extra points for pointing to archive posts of his.  I've linked before to his articulate description of living with depression, but today I'll link to somethings more up-beat: his EOTD AARs (including the comic adventures of the Spaceship Wombat) and, secondly, his painting of a squad from Dr Who's UNIT (mainly because of the brilliant recruitment video featuring my favorite character, the Brigadier).

I  myself will have some stunning news at the weekend about a giveaway.  If I can shift the severe blog-block I'm having at the moment, that is...

* See the Laughing Ferret's tirade against the use of the word 'Pimp' - a feeling that I know is shared by at least one other blogger.

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