Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Welcomes, A Birthday and a Plug

Welcome to two new followers this week:
  • Barks of Wargaming with Barks, which looks a varied and interesting site.  He poses some interesting matches in his blog banner, but I'm afraid to say that I think Aliens vs Firefly would be a very brief encounter.
  • Brian Botzan of RayGun Gothic.  Brian does some pretty cool Steamworks stuff in (I think) 15mm.  I'm going to have to spend some time going through his blog archive...
Hello guys!

I'm not sure whether they came this way, but I have to thank David at the Laughing Ferret for a nice little plug.

Talking of plugs, I have to Mike of Trouble at T'Mill a very happy 50th birthday!  He's generously celebrating with a giveaway (and I get extra credit for mentioning it...).  Go along and have a punt...

My blogging might be a little sporadic  this week - we've got house-guests.

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