Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Richard III's Remains - Update

Matt Cartoon

Back in August, I posted on the start of the archeological dig in Leicester of the supposed site of the burial of King Richard III.

There has been various press coverage since - mainly on the lines of 'We're getting there...', but now it is being reported that there is 'strong evidence' that his body has been found.
The remains found show signs of spinal abnormalities and a 'cleaved-in skull' that suggest it could be Richard III, the University of Leicester team said.
A university spokesperson said 'strong circumstantial evidence' including signs of a peri-mortem (near-death) trauma to the skull and abnormalities on the spine - severe scoliosis - were found after an initial examination of the skeleton.
DNA testing is to follow.
We are not saying today that we have found King Richard III. What we are saying the search for Richard III it has entered a new phase. The skeleton certainly has characteristics that warrant extensive, further and detailed examination.  (Richard Taylor, Director of Corporate Affairs, University of Leicester)

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