Friday, 7 September 2012

Books and stuff

What I've been reading...

Carrying on with Court of the Air, wanting to get it finished - it having been dormant too long, I'm in danger of literally loosing the plot.

I read Brian Jenner's Men and Collections, which is a bit of fluff really.  I shouldn't have expected too much, but had heard that Men and Sheds was good.  It turns out that Men and Sheds, though in the same format is by someone else (as is Shed Men - who knew?).  I don't know why they needed different authors, a bit of hack-work like this could have been cobbled together by the original man.  It'd make a stocking-filler, I suppose, but don't expect anything profound  or (as it is billed) humorous.  Having recently acquired a shed-space, I was looking forward to the shed book, but now my hopes seem doomed to be dashed...

What I've bought this week...

Trevor Beeston, Prelates and People: The Daily Telegraph Book of Clerical Obituaries - £1.00.
David & Joan Hay, The Last of the Confederate Privateers - about Capt John Cliborn Brain - £1.00.
Iain McCalman, Darwin's Armada: Four voyagers  to the Southern Oceans and their battle for the theory of evolution - £3.99
Charles Stephenson, The Admiral's Secret Weapon: Lord Dundonald and the origins of chemical warfare - £1.00
Jim Butcher, Fool Moon (Book 2 of the Dresden Files) - £2.00.
Joe Haldeman, Worlds - £2.50.

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