Saturday, 15 September 2012

This Week's Interesting Obits

 Nicole, Duchess of Bedford

Nichole, Duchess of Bedford (d. 7 Sep 2012), French résistante who married into the British aristocracy and helped save Woburn Abbey

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Carlo Maria Martini  (d. 31 Aug 2012), Cardinal Archbishop of Milan.  Considered papabile on the death of John Paul II and the great hope of the 'progressive wing' of the Catholic Church.
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Terry NutkinsTerry Nutkins (d. 6 Sep 2012), TV naturalist.  The boy who ran away from school to join the zoo.
Independent 10 Sep 2012 
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Stephen Panton   Stephen Panton (d. 24 Aug 2012), Parliamentary Clerk - and eccentric

Tarbu used to love munching Kit Kats.Tarbu the Parrot.  Final words - 'Cheerio!'
Daily Telegraph 15 Sep 2012

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